Virtual SmartZone - Essentials (vSZ-E)

WiFi is faced with growing challenges in delivering high-performance and reliable WiFi. Enterprises must meet consumer needs for high-density, flexibility, and cost efficiency. The Ruckus virtual SmartZone – Essentials (vSZ-E) is a virtualized WLAN controller solution that meets these demands.

Designed for small, medium and large enterprises, the Ruckus vSZ-E delivers the cost and flexibility of virtualization with the scaling capabilities of the SmartZone Software Platform. This new WiFi platform offers ‘WiFi-as-you-grow’— the capability for your network to grow with and adapt to the changing needs of your business and deliver an optimal wireless experience.

  • Performance and scalability: Supports 1,024 APs and 25,000 WiFi clients per vSZ-E instance.
  • Network Flexibility: deploy a virtual controller that addresses the particular scale and performance needs of your business and your network.
  • WiFi as you grow: easily transition from another SmartZone WiFi controller to either vSZ version with Smart Licensing.
Smart Licensing
  • Simply port licenses from other SmartZone platforms to adapt your WiFi network to your business needs.
Smart Positioning Technology (SPoT) Location Based Services
  • The industry’s first cloud-based location technology enabling service providers and enterprises to deliver a wide range of LBS applications.
Smartway Bonjour Gateway Support
  • Zero-configuration service that supports client access to services like Apple’s AirPlay, AirPrint, and other mDNS products like ChromeCast across VLANs and subnets.
Hotspot 2.0 Release 2
  • WiFi offloading with network discovery and carrier authentication using 802.1X/EAP as a service.
NETGEAR: бесплатная консультация!